Monday, January 9, 2012


I loved the neutral dress Khatu wore in her blog and later on when I was cleaning out my closet, I realized I had nothing in the color nude! Not even nude pumps. Say what?

Now I haven't shopped at Old Navy in a long time but when I checked out their store recently I found  they had some pretty cute stuff that were affordable. It helps that they were having a 75% off sale. 

I happened to snag this neutral twist top for about $6 that was originally priced at $24. I love the material which is so soft and the length is nice too. It's long enough that I can wear this with leggings since it goes past my butt and I can tuck it in a skirt and wear it with a blazer. The neckline is cut really low but I can always sew it with no problems. 

Verdict: I love it! It's versatile, is a beautiful color, and it fits well. Plus who wouldn't love the price?

Nude top, check! Next is the prefect nude kitten heels ;P


  1. Ohh love the top. Thinking about it, I don't really have any nude color clothing either. Need to add that color to my list!

    Great review. You can get some really cute nude kitten heels at target. I remember seeing some on clearance in store.

    1. Thanks mini! I need to check out Target now!