Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drugstore beauty raid part 1

Okay so I had to type this pretty quickly because these sales are going really fast! I happened to purchase two new Wet n Wild Megashield lip colors and I have to say I did not like these.

I picked these up because they are 40% off at Rite Aid and have an additional $1 off coupon which brings the price to .79 each. They swatch beautifully on my skin but on the lips, not so much. I have really dry lips especially in the winter so these dried my lips out even more. Really sad that these didn't work but maybe they would for you.

The whole Wet n Wild collection at Rite Aid seems to be on sale so I also picked up some nail polish. This ended up costing me $1.19 which isn't too bad.

Sage in the City

It dries pretty fast but it needs more then 2 coats to apply. I do however love this particular color. The picture is darker that what it looks like in real life. Overall I'm keeping this one.

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