Monday, August 6, 2012

Urban Decay's Biggest Sale

So uh...long time no post! I sincerely apologize and feel horrible for putting the blog on the back burner. But hey, life happens and things get in the way.

Alright I'm not buying another eye shadow this year. I think I'm set for awhile.

Urban Decay is having their "Biggest sale of the year!" which started today at midnight. Honestly the selection isn't big but I did get three eye shadow palettes, one vintage eye shadow, one pocket rocket lip gloss, and free shipping for $50. I bought these mostly for gifts but knowing me, I might just keep them for myself. 

Here's what I picked out:

Skull Shadow Box 
(Org. $36 Now $12)

 The Black Palette 
(Org. $36 Now $16)
 Vegan Palette
(Org. $34 Now $13)
Vintage Eye Shadow Lounge
(Org. $17 Now $9)

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss Timothy
(Org. $19 Now $6)

I'm predicting the palettes will sell out fast so get them while you can. 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zara annual sale!

Seriously what is up with the last two days? I can already tell July is going to be amazing if this is just the start.

I don't have a nearby Zara in my area so I rely on browsing through their online store and admiring pieces worn on other bloggers. They are the same company as H&M but I hear with better quality so steeper prices. I've never bought anything from them until last night or was it this morning?

Zara holds a sale twice a year and that's it. Well it started 12 am this morning and already things are sold out.

Here's what I bought.

Stud + Blazer + Tweed = I die
 (Now $129)

My main goal this month was to find jeans. I'm hoping these work out. 
 (Now $25.99)

Here's what I have my eye on.

It's the white version of the black studded blazer.
(Now $99)

It just looks so soft and the perfect size for an over nighter.
 (Now $29.99)

What do you have your eye on? Have you tried anything from Zara?

Quick note: Zara offers free shipping and returns!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Huge Deal: H&M 75% off

Read at your credit card's peril. This is the only warning you get in this post.

I cashed in my check and decided to browse the mall since it's conveniently next to my bank (damn them!). I knew that H&M was having a sale but I didn't realize how massive it was. 75% off on most items! 

Here's some things I've tried on.

Cropped jeans with zippers at the bottom. 
(Org. $25 Now $10)

It's hard to find a decent pair of jeans especially since I'm short. 5'0 to be exact and these were the perfect length. The material was sturdy but still very soft. The only problem I had were the GIANT pockets in the back. It made my butt look saggy and that's a no go for me :[

"Baby got back!"

Now I've been eyeing this dress for awhile because it's so different. The material is this beautiful suede but it's breathable and lightweight. It hits perfectly above my knees. It's very simple but quite beautiful paired with different accessories. 

 Tan suede dress 
(Org. $24.95 Now $10)

They have this dress in two different colors and I decided on the blue one. It comes with a thin belt but I wanted to show you how it looked without it.

 Navy Blue suede dress 
(Org. $24.95 Now $10)

Then I tried on this black lace dress. I'm usually a size 4 at H&M but it just goes to show that you have to try the clothes on. The size I'm wearing is a size 8.

I'm going to tell you straight up, I don't care about numbers. Clothes are made inconsistently and materials fit differently against the body. There was a girl next door to my fitting room who was screaming at her mom because she refused to try on a size 4 when she's normally a size 2.

As long as you feel beautiful then nothing else matters. Well and that the clothes actually have to fit.

 Black Lace dress 
(Now $10)

It was loose at the bottom and sort of puffed up at the side. I decided to pass on this one but I did admire the sexy details of it.

I kept going back and forth on this chambray shirt. It was lightweight but wasn't flimsy and on sale for $10.

Chambray button up
 (Now $10)

 I passed on this one too. The length was just too horrendous.

My favorite purchase was this blazer. The camel color with light blue lining was prefect. The length of it hit right below my hip and the gold buttons made the fitted blazer look more refine.

Camel blazer 
(Org. $34.95 Now $20)

Overall the sale is pretty good and I tried my best to limit myself. I only but the suede dress and the blazer but I saved $30. 

Did you get anything from H&M?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lush Ickle Baby Bot and Dragon's Egg

Lush is an addiction. I think I stop by that place just to drool over everything at least once a week. It's horrible and I have a problem.

But enough about me and my issues. I want to talk about Lush's amazing bath bombs that make taking baths even better.

I bought the Ickle Baby Bot and Dragon's Egg.

Ickle Baby Bot is a tiny robot packed with lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood to calm the body and the mind. It's really geared for kids before bed time but I wanted to try it too.

Lately I've been having a hard time sleeping. My schedule is all over the place so there will be days when I wake up at three in the morning for work or I am just coming home at 12 am. 

(Retails for $3.95)

What it did:

  • Fizzed inside the bathtub 
  • Turned my bath water blue
  • Smelled wonderful in my hands but disappeared once it hit the water

It's adorable but honestly it didn't put me to sleep. However I got one for my 3 year old sister and my mom said she never seen her knock out so fast.

Overall I would buy it for my younger siblings but not for me.

Dragon's Egg is my favorite hands down. I kept think about Harry Potter and how he  should have went to Lush and bought one instead of fighting the actual dragon. He is so silly.

(Retails for $5.95)

This is a best seller for a reason folks.

What it did:

  • Fizzed, foamed, and spun around in the bath tub. It looked like fireworks!
  • Smelled like citrus with hints of jasmine and the scent didn't fade until I got out of the water
  • Left the skin moisturized 
  • Turned clear water into a vibrant orange 

Overall it's everything I had expected when I bought it. I recommend this to everyone.

What bath products do you love?