Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neutrogena microdemabrasion review

I normally don't buy any face cleansing products from drugstore brands because I'm traumatized by them. No really I am. Two years ago I tried Orly and it broke me out so bad that I couldn't look at the mirror. I've tried a lot of different cleansers but that was the first time I had tried a drugstore one and it was awful. 

I won a giveaway a couple of weeks ago for this microdembrasion system from Neutrogena and I figured to take a chance and test it out.
 Microdermabrasion System
The packaging isn't special but I can live with that. I mean who cares about the wrapping if the actual product doesn't work right? This is supposed to smooth out your skin by scrubbing your dead skin away and help with wrinkles, pores, age spots, and loose skin. I'm twenty one so the only thing I was hoping it would do for me was to get rid of my dead skin and hopefully reduce the size of my pores.

The size is perfect. Not too big or too small and it fits in my hand. As you can see it's as long as a mechanical pencil. I also took a picture of the back to show you how many buttons there are. Just one which makes it so easy to use. You just slide it up to turn it on.

The attachment head snaps off so you can stick one of the blue puffs on and kind of dip it into water. The puffs have to be wet for this work. The kits includes everything so you don't have to buy anything additional. 

I was afraid that like most scrubs, this product would make my skin peel or leave me extremely dry. It didn't. After the first use my skin was so soft that my husband couldn't stop touching my face. Which was very annoying by the way. After three weeks I felt that it continued leaving my face supple but that's about it. It didn't reduce my pores but I wasn't really banking on that it would. Eh.

My only problem about it is that it doesn't rotate, it vibrates. I like the feeling on my face but not in my hand. It's kind of weird.

Verdict: This stuff works. My skin is smooth as a baby's bottom after I use it and after three weeks, my skin looks pretty good. Will I be buying refills for this? Sure!

Oh and did I mention the price to you? It's on sale for $16 here

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