Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prisma Chrome Eye Shadow

I can't believe it's already April. It was gloomy all morning so I went out with my mom for a wonderful pick me up. We went to Sephora since she had to return something anyways and I just couldn't resist buying the new Prisma Chrome Eye Shadows. These babies are so pigmented and smooth and just look at the design! Swoon.

Here's what the site says:

"The new wave in eye shadow, Prisma Chrome brings together the best features of baked, powder, and cream shadows. It's revolutionary effect captures light perfectly, delivering a prismatic effect with an unbelievably smooth and true color finish."

My mother thought I was crazy that I picked Emerald Facet and normally I would agree with her. I usually play it safe with my make up but this is a new year remember? It's all about trying something different and having fun.

It comes in a very sleek and portable black case with a small mirror. I love the innovative wave eye shadow design thing they got going on. I think that's what attracted me to it.

And this is what I came up with. I wanted to do something more dramatic but I can also use this shadow for a light smokey eye for daytime.

I also added a coral lipstick as a nod to the new season.

I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, Physicians Formula gel eye liner, and NYX eye shadow for the base and highlighter. 

Final Verdict:
I'm buying more. These are buttery soft and the colors just blow my mind. They are so pretty on my vanity too.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any of these eye shadows?


  1. I have this as well and loving it! Thanks for the post! I am following you now!



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    <3Love your blog

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  3. wow this looks really good. I love the packaging and design.
    The colour looks beautiful too, suits you very nicely ^^

    Rina :)

  4. Found you on the bloghop! I love that color on you!