Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Missha B.B Cream

What is B.B cream you ask? It's a blemish balm which does a million things in one. Sort of like a woman.

Anyways I'm sure you all have heard about it by now but if you were like me, I couldn't really comprehend the craze over it. Most B.B creams are produced in Asia and American companies have just jumped on the bandwagon. I didn't want to commit to a full size bottle if I was ordering it online and overseas with a company I've never used before. Well Missha must have heard me because they came up with the perfect solution.

I present you the Missha M B.B Deluxe Sampler which was free with my order.

*Just to let you know that B.B creams are limited in shades (that's an understatement) but the formula does oxidate on your skin. 

Inside from left to right

B.B Boomer, Signature Real Complete B.B Cream No. 21, Perfect Cover B.B Cream No.23, Perfect B.B Cream No. 31, and Perfect B.B Deep Cleansing Oil.

B.B Boomer is supposed to whiten your complexion, repair wrinkles, act as a light moisturizer and primer. You're supposed to rub it on before applying the B.B cream.

It has almost a pink pearl sheen and has a heavy scent but it goes away after awhile. It seemed a little silly and redundant to me to use this as a primer since the B.B cream is supposed to have primer already. I also didn't like the "brightening part". It made me look like a ghost so I mostly used it as a highlighter underneath foundation. 

The Signature Real Complete B.B Cream No.21 was a bit too light for me. The name is different from the other B.B creams because it is different. This is for more sensitive skin and there are only 3 shades available in this line. It also has SPF 25.

The Perfect Cover B.B Cream No.23 was the closest to my skin tone but it's still a little lighter than what I would have liked. This line has 5 shades you can choose from and has SPF 42.

Perfect Cover B.B Cream No.31 was way too dark for me but it's the exact same shade as MAC NC 30.

Perfect B.B Deep Cleansing Oil wasn't bad nor was it great. It left oil streaks when I used it but it did take care of all my make up.

Below are some swatches of the B.B creams.

Testing B.B creams feels like that story about Goldilocks. The frustrating part is finding a color that matches but once you find it, you're set.

They are creamy and moisturizing. It gives me a beautiful dewy natural look and it's so easy to apply. Most people use their fingertips but I like to use a round top foundation brush to give a airbrushed feel. I've been using it all winter and spring and I'm halfway done with my full sized bottle. 

I love that I can squeeze every last drop but still have a pump that controls the amount I need. The BB cream  lasts about 8 hours for me without primer and it's perfect for my combination skin. It takes care of my dry patches and I rarely need to blot. However that was when it was cold and dry.

I did notice that when the weather got warmer my T zones started to get oily and the B.B cream was melting off after 4-6 hours. 

Overall here is break down of what I think about Missha B.B Perfect Cover B.B cream


Gives a dewy and natural complexion
Multipurpose- it can be used as a primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer 
A little goes a long way
Has sunblock


Can only purchase this online 
Didn't clear my face of acne like it said it would
Limited shades

On a different note I had no problems with the sampler. It was exactly what I wanted and I wished I could get another one as a gift for a friend. 

I totally recommend the sampler for anyone interested in trying out this brand and B.B creams. In the summer time I'm going to try the Cho Bo Yang B.B cream which on the site says it's a herbal prescription. Reviews says it's a little drying so I'm wondering if it will control all the oil on my face. 

Whew! This was a long review. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment. I wanted to have this review this week because Missha is having a 30% sale till April 19.


  1. So I guess I'm a little behind, mainly because I don't use a whole lot of products like foundation very often, but what exactly are the perks of using a BB cream?


    1. BB cream isn't a foundation but it can be. It's a tinted moisturizer, primer, sunblock, reduces the look of pores and it's healthier for you skin because it allows it to breathe. A lot of people like it because you skip several steps in a make up routine by just putting BB cream on. It's also more moisturizing than a regular foundation so it gives a dewy fresh finish.

  2. hey girl i use the exact same perfect cover one! i have been liking it alot so far, but i typically apply it with water-soaked sponge for a much lighter application than what it offers, otherwise i still find it a bit too thick for my liking - but that's coming from someone who doesn't normally use foundation. and i got alot of the others in the sampler too! i got them in the travel size. cant wait to hear your reviews on the herbal one when you have finished trying it!

    1. Will do sunikins! I like the Missha M Prefect Cover enough to use it but I might not repurchase it just because I want to try a few more different one. I hope the herbal one works for the summer ><

  3. i seriously have to get my hands on missha bb's, do they sell this sampler or just get it with the order? i think you can probably mix the darker and lighter to make a new shade or someting ^-^ anyways now following, glad i saw you at the bloghop!

    hope you visit my blog

    1. They do have a separate sampler they sell on their site but it's a different one than what I received. You might get the sample with an order of a full sized product but I'm not exactly sure. Thanks for checking out my blog :}