Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Huge Deals at Rite Aid

I'm not sure why but right when I told myself to stop buying make up...there's a gigantic sale no one told me about. I just happened to stumble upon it and went a little crazy. Of course I'll be posting pictures of what I bought but first I want to list all the markdowns so you can get them too.

These are all marked 50% off and only on certain displays.

  • Maybelline Spring 2012 blush, baked eye shadow, nail polish, and lip stick
  • City Color Spring Fling nail polish, lip products, and blush
  • City Color To Go eye/lip palettes
  • LA Girl eye palettes
  • Ma.nish.ma Destination Jet Set eye shadows and lipsticks
  • Demeter roll on perfume
  • Sally Hansen Glam , Flirty, and Chich nail collection
  • Cala Hair Jewelry

Yes I was that lady pulling out her iPhone pretending to be texting but was actually taking pictures. Now remember you can always add your coupons and make the price even lower. For example I bought the Maybelline baked eye shadows half off, used the video value reward ($1.50) making it only $2.15. It retails for $7.29.

Anyone getting anything or is it just me?


  1. Great blog hunny! Found you on the Blog Hop :)

  2. we all need little ladies taking pictures of great deals while pretending to be texting - that's how we encourage spending for the good of the economy!:) ah i have been hauling non-stop go r the past few weeks. Seems like there is always some good deal somewhere, it is really bad for my wallet! But good for the soul;)

  3. Hi! Just bloghopping by! Why pretend to text? I just take the picture and look at the people around as if THEY are the crazy ones! LOL!!! Not saying it works....but...you know! :P

    If you get a chance, please feel free to stop by my blog : Beauty and the Gamer http://diaryofaclosetgamer.blogspot.com

  4. Hiya! I found your blog through the Weekly Blog Hop :)