Sunday, May 6, 2012

MAC Hey Salior and The Shops at Target

I'm so glad I got a raise. That's all I have to say. 

MAC Hey Sailor Collection is now in stores in Europe but will be gracing North America on May 24th, 2012. These are all limited edition and from what I heard, will only be here for 8 weeks. 

I'm dying over these blushes and can't wait to get my hands on them.

Honestly I've never tried a MAC lipstick. I've tried almost every other brand but I think it's time for me to pick one up.

The packaging is incredibly adorable and the colors look wearable all year round. I haven't been this excited over MAC's new collections in a long time. 

More big news is The Shops at Target. Target teamed up with high end designers to create affordable and classy items for us to buy. They have 5 shops: The Webster, Privet House, Cos Bar, Polka Dog Bakery, and the Candy Store. Most items are online only which is fine by me. You get free shipping on orders over $50.

The sale starts today, May 6 to June 16 while supplies last. Hurry up and pick what you want because several things have sold out already!

In my cart:

Petite Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater in Pink/Melon

Petite Sateen Day Jacket in Navy 
(was sold out this morning but now restocked!)

Petite Scoop-Neck Fashion Tank

Petite Jacquard Skirt in Mango Berry

Petite Jersey Sleeveless Dress in Mango Berry/ Khaki

Nautical Print Cap Toe Flat 

I mostly shopped at the Webster store but could you blame me?

Are you getting anything? What do you have your eye on?


  1. Love the nautical stripe!! I am amazed at MAC packaging! So cool! Thanks for a beautiful post! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    BTW, New post on my blog!
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    1. Thanks Jyoti! I don't think I'll get over the nautical trend anytime soon.

  2. I soo want to check out the new MAC range!
    great blog found you through blog hop!
    now following :)

    1. I'm trying not to stalk my nearest MAC store but it's so hard!

  3. Found you through the blog hop :)
    I love the packaging of the MAC products!!

  4. hey girl, i am myself a recent convert to MAC lipsticks. I had only about 2 for the longest time, and then sometime 2 months ago my MAC lipstick collection expanded to 10! You have to give it a go, I find that I tend to reach for my MAC lipsticks the most - they have such a huge selection of finishes and colors you are bound to find one (or ten) that suits you. And when it do it's <3!! Though, I'd have to admit that I have been using mostly drugstore lippies and not highend ones, with the exception of a couple or Dior/Bobbi Brown, but I think MAC lipsticks are pretty good value for money for its quality.:) I hope you buy some and post on them!

    btw, congrats on that raise!!! time for MAC goodies!:)

    1. OMG Sunikins you bought 10 in two months?! Lol that may end up happening to me. I've been really into this lipstick brand called Bite and I've been obsessed. I'm wondering how MAC will compare. What colors did you buy?

    2. haha let's see ok (in order of purchase):

      Shy Girl (don't like this on me unfortunately, everyone loved it!)
      Viva glam Cyndi
      syrup (MLBB slightly mauvy)
      patissierie (MLBB pink nude)
      see sheer (muted very wearable red coral, actually very similar to Cyndi)
      hot tahiti
      watch me simmer
      oh, oh, oh!
      Korean Candy

      i have alot of the lustre formula, i love it some find it drying i think. go try and do report back with your loot!:))
      I am NC 20 btw.

  5. what a fun post!! i started following you via bloglovetherapy's blog hop! Hope you can swing by my blog! thanks!!

  6. Awww those flats are gorgeous! What a great post!! Thanks for sharing x

  7. love sailor style!
    i found you through blog hop, would you like to follow each other? :)

    1. Huh I thought for sure I was already following you Yuli. I've got to check in on that :]

  8. Love the nautical style :) Great post! Now following.

  9. Oh I didn't know the jersey dress also came in the berry + kakhi combo. Hope these items fit well! :D