Sunday, May 20, 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks

I was never really into lipstick because A) my lips are extremely dry and chapped, B) they never lasted long enough for me to justify spending money on it. 

But this year I've been expanding my horizons and picking up a couple of different brands of  lipsticks to at least try it out. I didn't have high hopes with the brand new 2012 L'Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks but boy am I surprised. 

First of all I love the clean cut semi matte gold packaging. Tres chic as one would say! I picked up 106 Sparkling Coral and 105 Rose Agate. 

The swatches came out to be very sheer on my arm but on the lips it was a different story. I swatched twice on the arm and three times on my lips.

Sparkling coral is a mix of hot red and yummy orange glitter. It's really fun to play with and I don't look like a clown when I wear it. Trust me certain reds are not meant for me especially since I have fair skin. 

Rose Agate is a nude shimmer with hints of pink. It's a universally flattering color and it's not too shiny so I can wear this to work. 

Here's another quick shot.

These lasted about 4-5 hours which for me was impressive. These didn't moisturize my lips but they didn't dry them out either. 

Overall I'm a happy camper and I'll pick these up again.

What's your favorite lip product? Have you tried the L'Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks?


  1. Loving the Rose Agate color!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  2. The lipstick colors look great on you. The Rose Agate is such a nice shade! :)

  3. Stopping by from the Blog Hop! I love the Rose Agate (I guess I'm in agreement with everyone else).

    Love your blog, definitely your newest follower.

    xo Georgina

    1. Aw thanks Georgina! Rose Agate seems pretty popular!

  4. the rose agate looks amazing on you!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments