Monday, June 25, 2012

Lush Ickle Baby Bot and Dragon's Egg

Lush is an addiction. I think I stop by that place just to drool over everything at least once a week. It's horrible and I have a problem.

But enough about me and my issues. I want to talk about Lush's amazing bath bombs that make taking baths even better.

I bought the Ickle Baby Bot and Dragon's Egg.

Ickle Baby Bot is a tiny robot packed with lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood to calm the body and the mind. It's really geared for kids before bed time but I wanted to try it too.

Lately I've been having a hard time sleeping. My schedule is all over the place so there will be days when I wake up at three in the morning for work or I am just coming home at 12 am. 

(Retails for $3.95)

What it did:

  • Fizzed inside the bathtub 
  • Turned my bath water blue
  • Smelled wonderful in my hands but disappeared once it hit the water

It's adorable but honestly it didn't put me to sleep. However I got one for my 3 year old sister and my mom said she never seen her knock out so fast.

Overall I would buy it for my younger siblings but not for me.

Dragon's Egg is my favorite hands down. I kept think about Harry Potter and how he  should have went to Lush and bought one instead of fighting the actual dragon. He is so silly.

(Retails for $5.95)

This is a best seller for a reason folks.

What it did:

  • Fizzed, foamed, and spun around in the bath tub. It looked like fireworks!
  • Smelled like citrus with hints of jasmine and the scent didn't fade until I got out of the water
  • Left the skin moisturized 
  • Turned clear water into a vibrant orange 

Overall it's everything I had expected when I bought it. I recommend this to everyone.

What bath products do you love?


  1. You should get one Jan! They take a bath to a whole different level :]

  2. Oh wow! I didn't know Lush products can be so "magical"! Thank you for this.

    I found you in the bloghop and followed you via GFC. I hope you'll drop by my blog. Find something you'll like and let's interact! :)


  3. Wow they both sound amazing! I love honey I washed the kids soap. I found your blog through the blog hop. Do you want to follow each other?