Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Victoria Secret sports line

Ok so now I am in full blogger mode. I know I have been MIA these past couple of weeks but now that I have my own computer I'll be blogging daily. Watch out now. ;]

I went to Victoria Secret with my mom because I got a free lace panty coupon in the mail from them and they were launching their new sports wear line. They were holding a raffle and I actually won! I got the very first sports bra (value $48.50) and of course I tested it right away. 

I'm petite but I have boobs. I'm a size 32 D and I'm very picky about bras especially if I'm going to work out in them. I need support, comfort, and they need to last. I'm happy to say these exceeded my expectation. The prices are a bit higher than the ones I purchase at Sports Authority but the fit is spot on. I love that they have the closures in the back so you can adjust the width exactly like a normal bra. Sports bras will loosen over time. It's just a fact but I can get more wear with this one since it's adjustable. This is the first time I have seen a sports bra with this. 

The material feels like a second skin when you put it on and the straps don't dig in. They come in a wide selection of colors and I love the fact it looks sexy on. Most sports bras make me look so ugly and frumpy :[

Overall I'm buying some more when I get my next pay check.

Have you checked out the new sports line from Victoria Secret?

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