Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maybelline Fit Foundation

There are some things I will splurge and others where I will try to save money on. I usually splurge on foundations but I've heard some pretty good reviews about the Maybelline Fit Foundation so I picked one up to try. Keeping in mind that I'm comparing an $8 foundation to a $30-50 foundation.

The packaging outside is simple and I love that the product is in a sturdy glass container.

But there's no pump. It's messy and I'm pretty clumsy so I already dropped it on the carpet. Ugh.

I got the color 120 which is the third lightest color they had. It looks like it has some yellow undertones which not a lot of drugstore foundations have.

I swatched a little on my hand and as you can clearly see, it's really runny.

I blended it in and the color is a nice match. I'm NC20 to give you an idea.

I noticed right away that it's lightweight on the skin and easy to blend. I can see why most people like it but it's not the right "fit" for me. Pun intended and meant for you to laugh.

I have acne. I'm not talking about tiny pimples and blackheads, although I do have those too. But massive zits. Everywhere.

This foundation is light coverage. I wouldn't even say medium because it's so sheer. If you have a lot of imperfections you want to cover, then this won't do it for you.

It did last about 6-7 hours with primer underneath which is a decent amount of time. I had to retouch afterwards but I can live with that.

Overall I recommend this foundation if you want light natural coverage.

By the way I'm wearing a brand new lipstick which I'm head over heels for. You like?


  1. Your lipstick is GORGEOUS - beautifully natural with a fantastic sheen!

    Thank you for such a wonderful review, I always have a hard time matching colors but may try this for light summer coverage. I tend to just like to be able to throw on a bit of mineral powder and go lol.

    Have a lovely long weekend :)


    p.s Thank you for the vote!!

  2. Great lipstick color! Natural and pretty. What brand/color is it?

    1. It's by Bite and currently sold at Sephora.

  3. I'm always having problems with liquid foundation colors, as I'm Asian too and find the colors normally to pink or yellow for me! thanks for the review.

    Found you on BlogLoveTherapy now following from

    1. Thanks Kotona! Yeah I haven't found my HG foundation but I'm crossing my fingers I'll find it soon.

  4. Great post!

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  6. Hi I stumble upon your blog. Nice review :) I am following you. I am new at blogging please check out my site thanks!

  7. The packaging is really cute, sucks that it doesn't have a pump though!

    New follower via the Blog Hop! :)

    Lola ..x

  8. That's actually pretty interesting. Light coverage foundation? I think I might need to give it a try, because it's actually not easy to come by light coverage items. People prefer full coverages which can be unfortunate for the rest of us...
    Is it oily free? Because I have dry skin and it being oily free won't really be a good thing...
    Oh, and by the way. I found your blog through BlogLoveTherapy :)