Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eco Tools bogo free mini haul

I seriously love you Nouveau Cheap. In a totally non-stalker way. I urge you to all check out her site. She posts all the drugstore beauty deals, reviews and more and I swear I've saved so much money because of her. But lets go on with the mini haul I got at Rite Aid.

Eco Tools at Rite Aid is buy one get one free including their gift sets. I think these are my favorite brushes to use to this day. I bought two 5 piece sets, foundation brush, and an eye shadow brush for less than $15. 

I choose this set because it had an eyeliner brush which I really needed and it's perfect for traveling. These are all full size and it comes with the blush, concealer, eyeliner, brow and eye shading brush all for $11 regular price. The bristles on all of these are extremely soft but at the same time dense enough to pick up any powder/color. I kept thinking are these really synthetic because they feel natural to me.

I realized that the eye shadow in the set is different from the one being sold separately. The one in the set looks more flat while the other one was more fluffy I guess. Not sure how to describe it but I like both. I use the second one as my blending brush and I adore it. I've been using my Crown eye shadow brush but it's been shedding like crazy and it's a bit too small for me. This one is prefect.

This is my first foundation brush from this brand and I am kicking myself for not getting this one sooner. This knocked out my Sephora and Crown brush out of the water. It distributes my liquid foundation seamlessly and I haven't had any problems with shedding like I do with others. I've washed this at least twice by now (I can't go for more then two days without washing my brushes).

Here's the back of the packaging which by the way is reusable so you can store something else if you wished. I love the fact this is 100% cruelty free, the travel bag is natural cotton and hemp, and the ferrules are from recycled aluminum.

Did you pick up any Eco Tools? What are your thoughts?


  1. urgh i didn't becuase i am currently vacationing - and where i am has no rite aid.:S I did make use of the CVS promotion on Physician's Formula - $7 extra bucks for $10 spent. Got its pencil liners and gel liners, such good value/quality for money!

    1. The Physician's Formula promotion was a really good deal! I love their gel eyeliners